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Materialise Cloud is a product by Materialise, leading provider of 3D printing software and services.

We have been busy the last 25 years!

Since its foundation in 1990, Materialise has been playing a pioneering role in the field of Additive Manufacturing. Over the years, Materialise has emerged as the market standard in software and innovative solutions for 3D Printing, backed by a lot of expertise and a huge portfolio of developed technology.

To support your work at the different stages of the 3D Printing process, you can make use of Materialise’s inventory of tools that we now bring to the cloud. We are dedicated to providing you with our expertise and tools, supporting you to make the next generation of great products and meaningful applications.

“This partnership with Materialise enables Skyforge to significantly improve the workflow for our clients. Materialise is the most trusted name in 3D printing software, and their Materialise Cloud outperforms the competition!” — Chris Walker, CEO at Element Robot LLC

Let us support your business

Whether you’re a business interested in a partnership or an individual user, we’re curious about your needs and dedicated to fulfilling them. Currently we offer STL Conversion, Wall Thickness Analysis, Model Analysis and Repair, but we have more where that came from. Whatever you might want to accomplish with 3D Printing, we have the expertise to come up with a custom and scalable solution to give you a head start on 3D Printing.

In short, Materialise Cloud offers software in the cloud that focuses on usability and automation.

“With its deep experience in providing solutions and services to the Additive Manufacturing sector, Materialise has substantially augmented our efforts to make 3D printing workflows more efficient, and to enable the sharing and exchange of printable models on 3D Warehouse.” — Mike Tadros, SketchUp Web & Mobile product manager at Trimble

Safe and secure in the cloud

We handle all your files and information with the utmost care and advanced security standards. Technological barriers, such as encrypted communications and management processes, ensure that all customer data is secure. At Materialise, the security of all your data is a high priority.

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Rely on Materialise’s 25 years of experience in developing 3D printing software and integrate our Materialise Cloud tools into your business model.