How can you make 3D Printing accessible to a wider audience? By offering them straight-forward tools … but how do you offer 3D Printing tools without having to develop the software yourself? Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel by developing every possible 3D Printing application on their own, AstroPrint created a platform that will eventually allow thousands of applications to be created by third-party developers from all over the globe.

AstroPrint started out as a Kickstarter project by the California-based startup 3DaGoGo. They created a web-based app platform for 3D Printing that allows users to connect to their printers wirelessly via the ‘AstroBox’. On the AstroPrint platform, users can organize their files, slice them, create G-codes and watch their objects grow on camera. AstroPrint also has a partnership with Airwolf3D that equips their printers with AstroPrint software.

Now, with the Materialise Cloud API, users can upload a wider range of file formats and repair their 3D models. Next to the Materialise Cloud app, users can benefit from other AstroPrint apps like Slice or Print.

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We started AstroPrint because we felt that 3D Printing should be super simple. We wanted the advanced settings to be there, but didn’t think most people should have to deal with them every time they print. AstroPrint users can slice, store and print designs from any web-enabled device (phones, tablets, and computers) and with the addition of the Materialise Cloud App they can now reliably import and repair a bigger selection of model file types.

Daniel ArroyoDaniel Arroyo, AstroPrint CTO.

More tools for their users

Materialise Cloud and AstroPrint strive for the same goal: making 3D Printing as simple as possible. Just like Materialise Cloud, AstroPrint wants its users to be able to print whatever they like, anytime, from anywhere, with minimal cause for frustration. By automating the 3D Printing workflow with their app store, they relieve 3D Printing enthusiasts of software hassles. The partnership between Materialise and AstroPrint makes 3D Printing easy. No need to be a computer geek!

By integrating the Materialise Cloud API into their website, AstroPrint now offers more possibilities to their users. Users can upload their .3dm, .3ds, .3dxml, .3mf, .CATPart, .dae, .dlv, .dlv3, .dxf, .exp, .fbx, .iges, .igs, .jt, .model, .obj, .ply, .prt, .skp, .slc, .sldprt, .step, .stl, .stp, .vda, .vdafs, .vrml, .wrl, .x_b, .x_t, .zcp or .zpr file, riddled with errors, and get a high-quality printable .stl file back.

Effortless integration: AstroPrint goes for an app

Why try to create 3D Printing applications yourself if you can rely on Materialise’s 25 years of experience in developing 3D software? Each company can personalize the Materialise Cloud API as they like. AstroPrint presents the Materialise technology as an app. Besides a stand-alone app, the Materialise Cloud technology is also available via the “Check & Repair Design” button in the options menu. AstroPrint users can try the Materialise Cloud app for free for 30 days and then pay per use ($15/month).

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About AstroPrint

AstroPrint has built a platform that unites a range of 3D Printing apps and makes 3D Printing hassle-free for everyone. Users can use the AstroPrint tools to organize, repair, slice, store and print their designs from any web-enabled or mobile device. With its intelligent auto-settings and cloud based slicing that gets smarter over time, AstroPrint reduces failed prints, optimizes the user experience, and ultimately accelerates the potential for mainstream 3D printer market adoption.

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