Skyforge partners with Materialise Cloud to offer users a streamlined workflow

Managing 3D Printing at an organization-wide scale can be a real challenge. How do you create a system for multiple users to access 3D printers when they don’t necessarily know each other, have varying levels of 3D Printing expertise, and may be in different locations?

Skyforge’s online platform makes sharing 3D printers easy by connecting them to an online interface and management system. This enables enterprises to adopt 3D Printing at scale. By partnering with Materialise Cloud, their users can now import a wide range of file formats and let their models be transformed into repaired printable designs.

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This partnership with Materialise enables Skyforge to significantly improve workflow for our clients. Our end users start with 3D files in a wide range of file formats and quality, and now they can rely on Skyforge to handle them automatically. Before this integration, we only supported STL uploads and limited file repair. Materialise is the most trusted name in 3D printing software, and their Materialise Cloud outperforms the competition!

Chris WalkerChris Walker, Element Robot LLC CEO.

Making 3D Printing easier

Whoever wants to print something in their company no longer needs to copy the STL file on a flash drive and take it to an available printer. Skyforge makes the whole process easier for users requesting prints and the staff running the printers. Now they’re taking this a step further by collaborating with Materialise.

With the Materialise Cloud API, Skyforge users are no longer limited to uploading STL files, as more than 15 different file formats can now be imported. Besides, flipped triangles, bad edges, holes and other 3D model issues will be repaired in the background by Materialise Cloud, relying on Materialise’s 25 years of experience in software development for 3D Printing applications.

Effortless integration

Skyforge has expanded their services to customers by connecting to Materialise Cloud. The 3D model repair happens completely behind the scenes; the user just has to upload their file on the Skyforge platform to receive a repaired model. We gave Skyforge the freedom to choose which Materialise Cloud functionalities they wanted to implement and how they would streamline the workflow for their users. They made a selection of the Materialise Cloud functionalities that best suited their users’ needs and combined this with the functionalities Skyforge already had. Their users now benefit from a seamless 3DPrinting flow, with integrated Materialise Cloud functions.

Now, what do all these 3D modeling tools cost the user? Skyforge could have let users pay for each uploaded model, but they chose to make it easier for their users by including access to the Materialise 3D model software in users’ annual contracts.

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About Skyforge

Skyforge enables enterprises to create an effective 3D Printing workflow. It is all about making 3D Printing assets accessible to the right people. Users in large and small companies, libraries and universities can upload and share designs, select print settings, request prints, manage 3D print queues, and monitor 3D printers. Skyforge offers a cloud platform that makes 3D printers easy to use and simple to manage for enterprises, whether they have one printer or one hundred, and whether they have ten users or ten thousand.

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