GROW platform to include class-leading Materialise utilities

GROW has developed a range of desktop and cloud based applications to bridge the gap between CAD designs and industrial production, protect industrial designs and facilitate distributed manufacturing.

To support design owners in the journey to series production and to provide them with immediate access to best-in-class technology, GROW has partnered with Materialise Cloud. By integrating proven tools from Materialise, GROW’s project.AM platform can offer users free access to market-leading tools to repair, optimize and analyze their designs when first uploaded to the project.AM platform.

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We are delighted that, from the launch of project.AM, our users will have free access to these market-leading tools from Materialise Cloud. Materialise is the leading name in Additive Manufacturing software for business and we are proud to make such high quality AM utilities available to our OEM and contract manufacturer clients

Ray CoyleRay Coyle, CEO, GROW.

Best-in-class technology for their users

GROW not only protects the intellectual property of their users, they also want to guarantee that skilled designers from industry can prepare their files for Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing, with the most powerful technology available on the market.

By building on Materialise technology, GROW can remain keeping its focus on their core business while offering their clients the best technology in the market. Materialise as a leading provider of software solutions, proves to be a reliable partner in 3D Printing.

Materialise Cloud and GROW: A partnership from the very beginning

Even before the launch of project.AM, the company decided to partner with Materialise Cloud to offer their users qualitative tools from the very beginning. Materialise Cloud is honored to be part of GROW’s platform and enable GROW to offer their users the services and tools that match their needs.

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About GROW

GROW is a London-based Additive Manufacturing platform that offers a suite of desktop and cloud based applications that enable a complete, secure AM workflow, from design to final manufacture. By bridging the gap from CAD to production in a secure, encrypted environment, GROW enables efficient collaboration on AM projects without compromising design security. GROW’s unique, patent pending STLX technology enables build process data to be included in the design file and read directly by the hardware, reducing human input, errors and inconsistencies in final product.

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