Ideas Worth Making uses Materialise Cloud to make stuff that matters

Ideas Worth Making, an initiative of Materialise, relies on Materialise Cloud to give their community access to 3D tools for free. When users upload a model to the Ideas Worth Making website, it is automatically analyzed and repaired in the cloud. The repaired 3D models are then available to everyone who’s browsing Ideas Worth Making.

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The Ideas Worth Making community unites passionate people and the Materialise Materialise Cloud enables them to make stuff that matters, without losing valuable time.

Thomas Moens Thomas Moens, Business Line Manager of Ideas Worth Making.

Effortless integration

By connecting to the Materialise Materialise Cloud API, Ideas Worth Making enables its users to share, search and download high-quality, printable STL files. Ideas Worth Making and Materialise Cloud are integrated so well that you can use the credentials of your Ideas Worth Making account to log in to Materialise Cloud.

Ideas Worth Making users can share their models with the community. To do this, they upload the file (possible in 15+ files formats) and add a title and description. The file will then go to Materialise Cloud that automatically converts the file to STL, analyzes the file for errors and sends the repaired file to the user. The repaired 3D model is then part of the Ideas Worth Making platform which means that the community can access it.

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About Ideas Worth Making

Ideas Worth Making is a community of passionate people using 3D Printing to make stuff that matters. It brings non-designers with inspiring ideas into contact with people with 3D modeling skills and allows them to create relevant models together. The uploaded models are repaired and prepared for 3D Printing for free. Ideas Worth Making wants to stimulate an open environment in which people can help each other. Therefore, all repaired 3D models are available to everyone.

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