Leapfrog complements their printers with 3D software

Leapfrog is a Dutch company that produces desktop 3D printers for beginners and professional users. This is not where their activity stops, it’s only where it begins. They are also engaged in software development, 3D printing services and spreading know-how. Leapfrog machines are equipped with powerful customized Materialise technology, called Leapfrog Creatr software, which allows users to upload parts, view them, generate analysis reports, and more. With Materialise Cloud, Leapfrog doesn’t only indicate where there are errors in the model, it also offers a solution right away. Their users can consult the Materialise Cloud toolkit to automatically repair and prepare models for 3D Printing.

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The professionalism of Materialise built into the Creatr software provides a huge added value to the Leapfrog printers. After indicating file errors, our users don’t have to look for reliable ways to fix their file for 3D Printing. Materialise Cloud offers exactly what they need.

Mathijs KossenLeapfrog co-founder Mathijs Kossen.

Bundling printers with valuable software

Leapfrog wants to provide their customers with more than a stand-alone printer. They want to make it easy for their customers to print high-quality parts by bundling their printers with powerful 3D software. This way they create an added value for both business and educational users.

Materialise Cloud adds extra functionalities to Leapfrog’s existing Creatr software. It includes tools like Model Repair, Wall Thickness Analyzer, Parameter Extraction, and more. The easy access of this fast and reliable toolbox through the Creatr software saves users of Leapfrog printers valuable time and makes it possible for them to repair and prepare 3D models in the cloud. Automatic and secure!

Relying on Materialise software

The simple user interface of 2D printer drivers allows users to print files without they need to know all the technical details of a printer model. In the same way, the Leapfrog Creatr software, a customized version of the Materialise Builder software, allows users to choose from multiple settings and profiles and easily print applications on Leapfrog desktop printers. Thanks to the support of Materialise Cloud, users can now analyze and repair their 3D models before sending the files to the printer.

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About Leapfrog

Leapfrog 3D printers is a producer of desktop and professional 3D printers based in The Netherlands. Leapfrog aims to help professionals and school clients to uncover all the benefits 3D printing can offer for them. In order to do this, we work closely together with our customers, whom we treat as partners. We therefore understand that 3D Printing is about much more than just the 3D printer itself; it is about the printing materials, about software, about hardware add-ons, about services and about educating the market. We call this Leapfrog Solutions: where we offer knowledge and all the tools our user groups need to add real value for their purpose. Our current solutions focus on schools, mechanical engineers and on 3D printer novices and more are on the way. Keep an eye on us, because, together with our clients, we Create the Future.

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