STL Converter

Do you have problems with 3D printing your file because the software doesn’t accept your file format? Our conversion tool will automatically convert several file formats into STL - the commonly used file format for 3D Printing.

Materialise Cloud currently converts .obj, .3dm, .3ds, .3mf, .dae, .dxf, .fbx, .iges, .igs, .ply, .skp, .slc, .vdafs, .vda, .vrml, .wrl, .zcp, .zpr files into .stl. If your file format is excluded from the list, let us know which format you need and we will try to add it in the future. This list is continually updated - check again soon for new file types.

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Model Analyzer

Materialise Cloud will check if your model – once converted to STL – is watertight, error-free and ready to be 3D printed. If not, the Model Repair tool will help you solve these issues!

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Model Repair

All too often you are not aware that your 3D models contain errors, trapping you in the process and forcing you to go back and manually repair the files on a trial-and-error basis.

This automated tool will repair STL errors by inverting flipped triangles, stitching bad edges, filling holes and trimming surfaces. If this is not sufficient, the ShrinkWrap technology will place a thin layer around your model, repairing difficult errors while preserving its details.

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Parameter Extraction

Materialise Cloud extracts parameters such as bounding box dimensions, volume, surface and number of triangles. Thanks to this detailed data, you can easily calculate accurate pricing.

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Wall Thickness Analyzer

The Wall Thickness Analyzer tool detects small details and thin walls that can cause your model to break during finishing, shipping or its intended use. With the Wall Thickness Analyzer, a color map highlights the specific problem areas that need modifying or rescaling so your model can be successfully 3D printed.

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When can the scale tool come in handy? First of all, since .stl files don’t contain distance unit information, you can use this tool to rescale your model to the right unit and size. Secondly, to overcome some wall thickness issues, you can shrink or enlarge your model to the appropriate size. Thirdly, when ordering your 3D Print, size influences the price you will pay. And finally, parts are often rescaled for compensating shrinkage when printing.

This tool will rescale your model while maintaining the object's original proportions. Shrink and enlarge models to your ideal size, applying the same scale factor in all directions.

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Triangle Reduction

Tired of heavy files that take an eternity to slice? Triangle reduction is the perfect solution for needlessly complex files, which instantly gets rid of those unnecessary triangles without changing the quality of your design.

Materialise Cloud’s Triangle Reduction tool uses the following parameters: smallest detail (0-10 mm; default 0.005), maximum angle (0-90; default 5) and the number of iterations (1 – 1000; default 5).

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3D Printing can be a costly business, and in order to give you the chance of wasting less material while printing, we’ve implemented the Hollowing Tool. Our handy tool hollows out your entire model while giving you the freedom of deciding the optimal wall thickness for printing. This ensures that the printed version will be as economical and environmentally friendly as possible, while still retaining its optimal structural integrity and great looks.

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Order Your 3D Print

After preparing your model for 3D Printing, you can download the file or send it straight to the online 3D printing service i.materialise. On i.materialise, you can choose from a large selection of materials and colors, scale your design to the ideal size, and order as many copies as you want. The price connected to your material and finishing preferences is instantly visible.

Integrate our API

Lift off your business by integrating the power of the Materialise Cloud API into your services.