When printing a 3D model, size really does matter. The cost of printing your model will increase exponentially the bigger your model is, and this handy scaling tool has been designed so you can easily get your model to its desired size. It enables you to shrink and enlarge models while maintaining the object’s original proportions, applying the same scale factor in all directions.

Why use scaling

STL files don’t contain distance unit information, so the scaling tool is perfect for rescaling your model to the right unit (centimeters and size). The size of your model influences the printability, and you can scale your model to:

  • Avoid wall thickness issues
  • Ensure that your model fits the bounding box
  • Ensure that different models have exactly the same size
  • Compensate shrinkage when you print the model
  • Control the price of your model when ordering it for 3D Printing
  • Make small details visible

illustration for scaling

When you enlarge your model, don’t forget to check the bounding box dimensions with the Parameter Extraction tool to make sure that it still fits the build platform of the printer. If you have scaled down your model, it is recommended to check if the wall thickness is sufficient.